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Dear lj,

I think it must have went something like this.

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(obviously, none of the gifs were made by me. I'm not clever enough for stuff like this.)
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Just came back from watching Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol with [livejournal.com profile] easyleinchen. (I'm not gonna spoil anything that wasn't in the trailer.)

I have no real memory of M:I.
I like M:I 2 a great deal, but everyone else seems to hate it and the birds. I love the style, Tom's hair and the music. In fact, it was the first time I actually took notice of a score and ever since I've loved Hans Zimmer.
We don't talk about M:I 3 despite the fact that it had Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

When I first saw the trailer for M:I 4 I was kinda ... naaah, it looks okay, but really ... M:I 3 was such a disappointment I didn't want to risk it again. However, I really like going to the movies and watch well-done action movies, the new movie has Simon Pegg and then ... it also has Jeremy Renner. I had no idea who Jeremy was before Thor and tumblr. People seem to like him a great deal, and since I'm really looking forward to Avengers and he's in it, I thought "What the heck. I have to check him out."

Ooooh, I'm so glad I did it! I didn't expect much from this movie, but it was SO MUCH FUN. Poor [livejournal.com profile] easyleinchen had to suffer through my squeals of delight and barely suppressed declarations of love for everyone on screen. 

Tom is actually a team player in this movie. The team has characters and I grew to like each and everyone of them, not like in the movie we don't talk about. And they gave them issues. Everyone who knows me knows that I love issues when my favorite character has them. And they had well choreographed fights, which I'm also a fan of -- like, big time! Jeremy and Tom could really have gone another round at each other. That was so much fun to watch. Nevermind that it made me go all rrrrrrrrr. The locations were as beautiful as ever, but what really stood out this time was the humor. Twice they made fun of Tom's height or lack of thereof, and in general the characters didn't miss the chance to deliver a joke or two without it ever feeling odd.

In conclusion: If you want to see a fun and entertaining action movie during the holidays, this one is it.
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Oh, Rick Perry, after you posted this crap, it was only a matter of time before you a) gathered more dislikes than Rebecca Black's Friday video and b) motivated the interwebz to outnumber the amounts of the dislikes with videos that ridicule you.

You had it coming. (Due to lj's current issues with life, the universe and everything I can't embed the videos.)

I like to think Perry looked something like this when he realized what exactly he had done.

Hopefully he learnt his lesson ... the interwebz will always be there to beat him.
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Because we can't forget that there are beautiful things and persons in the world as well ... meet my godchild. She turned one last week and is totally adorable.

Sadly, I had to give her back after this picture was taken. I coud keep the plush broccoli from IKEA, though, It's a present from my cousin and her husband, and I'm ridiculously happy about it. A broccoli! For me! It's like the universe is telling me stuff XD.
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I love my new kindle. I read more books in the last month than in any month before. This week I also found out that AO3 lets you download fanfiction in the right format for kindle. It's glorious. Not least because the Thor fandom has produced some extraordinarily well-written storie with 2o.ooo words or more.

My dreams are getting exhausting again. *le sigh* Last night I dreamt of mini!Breckin and his mini!wife on a stage (I have no idea what they did there, but I was excited to see Breckin and he was really tiny), of meeting Tine So. and [livejournal.com profile] janiebj in a commuter train, of my grandma having a new, fluffly dog, of my brother being stuck in another commuter train, and some more stuff I don't really remember.

My cold still isn't done with me. I woke up today and my throat hurt. I'm still going to Halle to go shopping and watch Anonymus in the cinema. It's part of my agenda to get over my aversion for Jamie Whatshisname -- the guy who's supposed to play Jace in the Mortal Instruments movie.
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I decided to start a list of all the books I've read for no other reason than that I feel like it XD.

(Beware of book spoilers in the comments!)

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Back from Hamburg, pictures and a larger post about it will follow this week. Let's have one picture as a preview.


In other news:
  • ordered a kindle
  • my bullet points are now penguins by default thanks to the magic that is css and [livejournal.com profile] faelkchen
  • bought the new Coldplay album as mp3 download
  • have watched all of season 5 and 6 of Doctor Who and came to the conclusion that this show consists mostly of two types of stories: the one that break your heart and the one that creep you the fuck out. Weeping Angels and the Puppets? Not funny. And "The Girl who waited"? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM? Do they get some kind of sick pleasure of making me bawl my eyes out? And then they had this nice, not-creepy episode with the ridiculous gorilla and still managed to break my heart with Rory once I'd realized what he had actually said. It's so unbelievable sad.


  • Our F&B members are really sweet, and I love to chat with them. Just wanted to say it.
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You guys unaminously decided for the Berlin castle, which I was also slightly in favor of. And because I wanted to become part of the reconstruction history and see my name in the donor list, my brother and I put our money together and bought 1/5 of a stone for the front. This  way, one day I can take my kids to the castle and tell them which stone their mom and uncle donated for way back in time ^^.
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Life is kinda uneventful right now, but I did go and donated blood today because the blood transfusion center had sent me a postcard asking me to do so. Apparently, they're short on my blood group right now. And because  I didn't want to wait two hours like last time, I made an appointment and was out of there in one hour. I count that as a success. Albeit the doctor was all kinds of rubbish and took about thirty seconds telling me (and the following structure was chosen to show exactly how he told me this) thatmyironlevelistoolowandmaybeIshouldtakeironsupplements *holds up some kind of pills for about two seconds* butit'salrightbecauseI'monlydonatingbloodtwotimesayearsoIshouldbefine *smiles at me* Alrightyyoucangoondonatingblood *gives me a pamphlet about how I should eat more red meat*. To say that I was a bit confused after this would be an understatement. At least he was smiling at me the whole time, so I guess I didn't miss some important part where my low iron level is life threatening or so.[Poll #1788115]
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There's no other explanation for the fact that my bike got stolen again. THIRD TIME this has happend to me, actually.

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I loved the first two episodes of this season's Merlin. So much heartbreak and banter and awesomness and love in one place. ♥

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Die Schwedisch-Lektion für den heutigen Tag: "Der Herbst ist in Schweden angekommen".

(To all my english-speaking flisters: My parents asked me to write the next travel diary entries in German which I don't really fancy at the moment to be honest, but since I'm a good daughter ... you can still click the links and enjoy the pictures, right?)

Jedenfalls, wir haben wieder Nebel. Und die meisten Blätter sind schon verfärbt und generell ist alles sehr herbstlich hier. Ist aber okay, schließlich hab ich ja meine Wind-und-Wetterjacke mit und meine dicke Strickjacke. Landschaftlich find ich Schweden immer noch nicht so überwältigend wie es mir weis gemacht worden ist. Aber ich glaube das liegt vor allem daran, dass wir einfach noch zu weit südlich in Schweden sind.

Heute waren wir in Varberg, einen Kurort am Meer ungefähr eine halbe Stunde von hier. Am besten gefallen hat mir dort das Badehaus im maurischen Stil. Es sieht aus, als ob es zur falschen Zeit am falschen Ort gebaut worden ist, aber ich find's unglaublich schön und faszinierend. Varberg hat auch eine Festung und als die Jungs die gesehen haben ist ihnen auch eingefallen, dass sie schonmal da waren. Allerdings waren sie damals offenbar nicht im Museum, denn an die Moorleiche die da ausgestellt wird konnten sie sich nicht erinnern. Die Ausstellungsräume über die Moorleiche waren dann auch wirklich toll aufgemacht und informativ, der Rest des Museums ... nun ja. Es war genauso chaotisch und zufällig angeordnet wie der Großteil der irischen Museen, hat aber einfach nicht den gleichen Charme. Aber der Ausblick von der Festung war schön und hat mich teilweise an Hobbitbehausungen erinnert.

(And a lovely picture from the photo exhibition in the museum.)
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That's Good Evening for all of you who can't speak Swedish.

We had to get up way too early today, but we managed, and then the boys picked us up, and we drove to the ferry, which was a smooth ride as you could wish for. It felt like taking the train, really. No waves whatsoever. And we could enjoy the brilliant sunshine, which is always a plus. Sweden looks a lot like Mecklenburg so far to be quite honest, but that's okay because it graced us with the same sunshine we had in Mecklenburg the last week -- well, after the mist had finally cleared around four o'clock in the afternoon. But then I managed to sit on our patio, overlooking the ocean, and started reading "On the edge" by Richard Hammond (love it, but I already guessed that from the audiobook). Our holiday home is only a few yards from the ocean, and we already took a walk along the shoreline. The holiday home itself is quite nice and well-equipped (and it has free WiFi, hence the entry), but really, the Swedish sense of interior design ... let's say it's interesting ^^.
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I finally, finally have my Richard Hammond books! Yeah me! Just in time for our holiday trip to Sweden. Thank God. I was really worried I wouldn't get them in time, and then what would have I read? It's not that I don't have other books to read, mind you, but I really, really want (like "want. now. why are you keeping the books from me, cruel neighbors?!?") to read these particular books at the moment.

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My prayers are with all those who've lost their lives on 9/11, and with all the people whose lives have been affected ever since.

“The reason I don’t worry about society is, nineteen people knocked down two buildings and killed thousands. Hundreds of people ran into those buildings to save them. I’ll take those odds every fucking day.”
- Jon Stewart
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Ianto is back! He's back and kicking a** and taking names, and I never want him to leave me again. I'm currently busy backing up my stuff from Ianto to Jack (because I'm still clinging to the believe that Jack will never die, maybe desert me for some time, but never die).

So, let's celebrate in style, okay?


And on a related note, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how the pc store which repaired my harddrive actually manages to survive. That place is a utter mess. The repair guy spent about ten minutes searching for my usb cable (he had had to change the harddrive shell and now it has a different plug and he thought I wouldn't want my old cable anymore -- he thought wrong) in the mess that is his workshop till he finally found it. The best part, however, was when he gave me the cable, looked a bit puzzled, and then said "Um ... make that ... um ... twenty, 'kay?" On the phone he'd told me it would cost me twenty-five, so I wasn't complaining now. But honestly? How the heck does this man do his taxes when he's making up prices on the spot? Is he like Bernard from Black Books, completely desperate when the time to do his taxes comes around and then tries to find skinheads to beat him up so he doesn't have to do them? I'm intrigued.

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Gocker asked for it, so here we go. The video summary of that hilarious Top Gear caravan trip.

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It's time for election campaign in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which means we get to see some top-notch politician -- well, if we want, that's it. My initial plan was to see Gregor Gysi on Wednesday, but then that event turned out to be a five minutes speed dating event, and no ... as much as I dislike Die Linke, I just know that this guy is a way better rhetor than I'll ever be and could overturn every argument against his party that I have (and there were other members of his party as well I'd have had to talk to and I know nothing about them -- easier to just spare me the embarrassment). Which now makes me sound like an ignorant, petulant child who doesn't want to admit to being in the wrong. Um ... it's not that, okay? It's more the fact that I could never ever vote for a party which is a direct descendant from PDS and supports socialism and has some lunatics as members who think that communism is the way to go and won't stand up during a minute of silence for the people killed trying to cross the Wall. That's just plain indecent human behavior. Maybe I'm reacting more to this than usual because we just had the 5oth anniversary of the building of the Berlin wall, and I read newspaper articles about it and visited a memorial place.
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Top Gear is one brilliant tv show. I have no ideas why guys watch it, but it's bloody brilliant and hilarious.

I've laughed tears watching this. Actual tears.
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Ianto, my external harddrive doesn't work anymore. ;___; All my pictures, my stories, my university documents, my videos and my extensive music collection are on this thing. I'll lose half my memories if I can't access it anymore. I'll bring it to a store this week and see if they can do anything to at least salvage my data. At least I called my other harddrive Jack, and we all know he can't die.

And because technology wasn't done with me yet, I have all my tv channels back, but Pro7 doesn't have any sound. Yeah ... I dunno either.

But there are good news as well. I'm gonna be a godmother to my cousin's little girl. I'm totally excited and feel so honored.

PS: Oh, that's what they meant by the lj editor screws all editing once you actually have to edit something.


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