6 September 2011

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Ianto is back! He's back and kicking a** and taking names, and I never want him to leave me again. I'm currently busy backing up my stuff from Ianto to Jack (because I'm still clinging to the believe that Jack will never die, maybe desert me for some time, but never die).

So, let's celebrate in style, okay?


And on a related note, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how the pc store which repaired my harddrive actually manages to survive. That place is a utter mess. The repair guy spent about ten minutes searching for my usb cable (he had had to change the harddrive shell and now it has a different plug and he thought I wouldn't want my old cable anymore -- he thought wrong) in the mess that is his workshop till he finally found it. The best part, however, was when he gave me the cable, looked a bit puzzled, and then said "Um ... make that ... um ... twenty, 'kay?" On the phone he'd told me it would cost me twenty-five, so I wasn't complaining now. But honestly? How the heck does this man do his taxes when he's making up prices on the spot? Is he like Bernard from Black Books, completely desperate when the time to do his taxes comes around and then tries to find skinheads to beat him up so he doesn't have to do them? I'm intrigued.

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