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It's time for election campaign in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which means we get to see some top-notch politician -- well, if we want, that's it. My initial plan was to see Gregor Gysi on Wednesday, but then that event turned out to be a five minutes speed dating event, and no ... as much as I dislike Die Linke, I just know that this guy is a way better rhetor than I'll ever be and could overturn every argument against his party that I have (and there were other members of his party as well I'd have had to talk to and I know nothing about them -- easier to just spare me the embarrassment). Which now makes me sound like an ignorant, petulant child who doesn't want to admit to being in the wrong. Um ... it's not that, okay? It's more the fact that I could never ever vote for a party which is a direct descendant from PDS and supports socialism and has some lunatics as members who think that communism is the way to go and won't stand up during a minute of silence for the people killed trying to cross the Wall. That's just plain indecent human behavior. Maybe I'm reacting more to this than usual because we just had the 5oth anniversary of the building of the Berlin wall, and I read newspaper articles about it and visited a memorial place.
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First of all, I'm not obsessed ... well, maybe a little bit.

Second, this entry is about the tie-pology (and no, I'm not above some silly pun) of the ties of Sam and Dean Winchester and their meaning for the state of the characters ... gosh, I wished I could write a term paper about that topic. Maybe I would actually manage to meet the deadline for it.

To get the basis for this meta (and yes, I totally call this a meta) you need to know that there is some kind of psychology behind the pattern of ties. Yes, that's true. At least for striped ties.

Maybe you don't have noticed it, but most striped ties show stripes going from the bottom left to the top right. It's a rising line, broadly thought to symbolize success, hope and confidence.

So, when the leaders of the world, the big ones of the economy and whoever else is important or thinks of himself as important, decide to wear a striped tie, they usually go with the rising stripes.

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Was bekommt man, wenn man unglaubliche Egozentrik mit dem kulturellen Schub eines Theaterbesuch und einer kurzen Fanfic mischt? Ja, genau, ein Fanfiction-Meta! Als ob die Welt das bräuchte ... aber ich wollte es schon immer mal machen und die Ina ist grad nicht online, um mich davon abzuhalten.

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