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That's Good Evening for all of you who can't speak Swedish.

We had to get up way too early today, but we managed, and then the boys picked us up, and we drove to the ferry, which was a smooth ride as you could wish for. It felt like taking the train, really. No waves whatsoever. And we could enjoy the brilliant sunshine, which is always a plus. Sweden looks a lot like Mecklenburg so far to be quite honest, but that's okay because it graced us with the same sunshine we had in Mecklenburg the last week -- well, after the mist had finally cleared around four o'clock in the afternoon. But then I managed to sit on our patio, overlooking the ocean, and started reading "On the edge" by Richard Hammond (love it, but I already guessed that from the audiobook). Our holiday home is only a few yards from the ocean, and we already took a walk along the shoreline. The holiday home itself is quite nice and well-equipped (and it has free WiFi, hence the entry), but really, the Swedish sense of interior design ... let's say it's interesting ^^.

Date: 1 October 2011 17:41 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It was very like to read something about the beginning of your enjoy. But be so kind and write the next days in German.
Liebe Grüße von Vati und Mutti

Date: 1 October 2011 18:31 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jekesta
I'm very intrigued by the interior design troubles, but the exterior does look lovely:)

Date: 2 October 2011 15:44 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hope-calaris.livejournal.com
I'm starting to believe that any sense for interior design the Swedish ever had went into the making of IKEA, and now they're lost and confused as how to decorate their own homes if they can't afford or don't want to go IKEA. The only thing that doesn't look completely ramdom in our home is the kitchen, and I'm pretty sure it's from IKEA. But even that went wrong when the home owners decided to add their own touch with ugly pink flower pots on the window sill.

Image (http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w207/Hope_Calaris/Livejournal/CIMG7679.jpg)
That's one part of our living room. The drapes are okay, but then I think they're from IKEA as well. It's like the home owners used all inherited furniture from relatives who couldn't stand them or maybe they had an interior design who hated their guts. I don't know. Nothing fits. It confues me that anyone could have such bad taste. Maybe it's something typical Swedish because the museum we visited today was random as well. And not the 'cute as pie you have no idea whatsover how to plan a museum but I love you nevertheless for trying' Irish variant of it, but more the mind-boggling 'why would you put THIS THERE?' variant, which ends in finding an ugly crown used as a flower vase in the middle of a room dedicated to tapestry.

Image (http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w207/Hope_Calaris/Livejournal/CIMG7676.jpg)


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