25 August 2011

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The headache is finally gone. Thank Goodness. I'm still having the weirdest dreams, though, and it's getting exhausting. This night I dreamed I'd move into another dorm, which I had to share with at least four people and a guy who looked like a tiny Santa Clause ... yeah, I don't know. That dream was only marignally better than the one last night in which I was suddenly a guy with a kid running from the mob and missing all the right trains. (No more Harvey with a kid!ff for me before bed, that's for sure)

Today, I paid Gocker for the ferry to Sweden we'll take for our holidays in October (yes, we moved the date from September to October). We also finally booked our holiday home, so everything's settled and I'm excited. I also donated money to a relief organization for the famine in East Africa. I strongly urge everyone who has some money to spare to do the same.

Yesterday, I stumbled across a documentary about the Shoa in Belgium on ARTE. They had this really powerful thing where the female narrator would calmly read the number of the transport to Auschwitz, the number of people in it and the number of people who survived. And towards the end they showed this old guy standing at the train rails, who's lost his wife and his kids in Auschwitz, and he said that he can't go to Auschwitz because there's nothing there to remind him of his family, but these train rails in Belgium -- that's the place where his family started dying. Let's say I cried when it was over.


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