1 May 2011

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Hi everybody,

I'm back in Karben for a month, and tomorrow I'll start going to school again -- well, I'll be back to the KSS, and doing my last intership for my studies. I'm parts excited and parts scared to death since I'll have to teach twenty hours *gulp*. But hey, the last time it turned out pretty well, and I loved it. I'm also a bit more prepared for the teaching experience, I think, since I brought all the stuff I have in terms of teaching material with me (Martin's car was packed to the brim, I can tell you). I also brought Berta, my printer/scanner with me, so I should be fine in that regard (and seriously, who doesn't have a printer these days? Martin, that's who -- I love him nevertheless. We had a nice car ride yesterday ... gosh, all in all I spent nearly eight hours in a car yesterday. Gocker drove us from Koserow to Wolfen, and then Martin drove us to Karben in the evening. At least I could pick the music XD).

Being in Karben also means some other fabulous things (apart from the wonderful Dolce Gusto machine Martin owns, and which makes great cappu): I'm gonna go and visit [livejournal.com profile] faelkchen in two weeks. I'll teach her the awesomeness that's the ESC (and we'll bake cake), I'll see [livejournal.com profile] rei17 , and a few minutes ago I booked tickets to a Jason Mann's concert (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] germanjj for pointing out he's in Germany) in Frankfurt. It will be the first time I'll go to a non-classical concert (yes, I'm weird that way, I've been to tons of clasiscal concerts, opera, and so on, but never been to a "pop" concert), so I'm excited for it. Martin was also nice enough to agree to come along with me.

Easter was also fun, since I spent it with my family in Koserow. The boys and I played miniature golf (I know there's some other name for it, but dict.cc is refusing to indulge me), which made me laugh really hard most of the times. Let's just say we're not really good at it. We also went to the Easter sunday service in the local church which was pretty amazing. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun during a service. I nearly cried tears from all the laughter. The pastor was hilarious during his sermon. He had a hand puppet called Lucy and made her talk in this really high voice, and they talked about how the women found the empty grave and weren't afraid (which means that women are totally kick-ass, btw), and that the angel was really laid-back. It was awesome. We also sang what probably is the worst coordinated cantata in the history of ever, but also the wonderful Irish traditional "May the road rise to meet you".


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