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I'm tired. *yawns*

Working with kids first thing in the morning is exhausting, but I think we're now finally done with shooting the film. At least I hope so, but I need to check the tone and see if you can hear everything. If not we will need to shoot next wednesday again and I so don't want to do this. I also don't have the time for it since I want to talk with my kids about what went well and what bad during our time together and maybe even show them the first draft of the film. 

Wow, only two more sessions and then I'll be done with my SPÜ ... I'm gonna miss the kids, even though they were a handful at times, I quite enjoyed working with them and think I may have not chosen the wrong profession for me.

My to-do-list for today
  1. Clean my room/kitchen/bath Once again two things got confirmed while doing this: a) I don't like moping. At all. b) Brian Kennedy's "Life, love, happiness" is my "I've got something to clean"-song
  2. Buy groceries for today evening/tonight Yummi!
  3. Write the birthday-fanfic about the "Doppler effect"
  4. Take a nap
  5. Get Jim to shut up in my mind - actually, I don't want him to shut up. I have way too much fun with him.
  6. Edit the short story I wrote yesterday
  7. Try not to worry about having to cancel the Limerick stay since Campus accomodation still didn't got back to me
  8. Edit: Resist the temptation to open the first Birthday package I just received from Anja - Thank you sweetie!
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