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I loved the first two episodes of this season's Merlin. So much heartbreak and banter and awesomness and love in one place. ♥

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Um, so actually this was supposed to be an entry about my thoughts while watching all the Kurt/Blaine-scenes from season 2 of Glee ... then -- "thanks" to [livejournal.com profile] rei17 -- I got lost on tumblr and realized that Chris Colfer is actually really pretty! When did this happen? o_O

Anyway, say Hi to Darren Criss and Chris Colfer! This entry is dedicated to them and their characters on Glee.

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Ich hab das Wochenende in Koserow zusammen mit Gocker in seiner Ferienwohnung verbracht. Nach einer Woche, die aus unterschiedlichsten Gründen suboptimal war, genau das richtige. Heeeeeeeeeeerrlich. Bruderherz hat mich abgeholt und sogar außerplanmäßig wieder nach Hause gebracht, wir sind durch den Schnee gestapft, haben die Wohnung ein wenig dekoriert, große Capputassen gekauft und dementsprechend viel Cappu getrunken, haben gestern Abend eine Flasche Glühwein alle gemacht (glücklicherweise waren wir alleine im Haus ... just saying ^^) und uns entspannt. Nochmal vielen Dank, Gocker. Und ich freue mich auch schon aufs nächste Wochenende!

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Dear Mr. Kripke

I fucking hate you.

With regards,

PS: I hate you in a slighty weird, but good way.


The Good: I spent the whole time watching cuddling my pillow and yelling at Hugo either obscenities or a nice long litany of "No no noeeeeeees!" Also, brotherlove for the win! Oh, and Bobby for the win!

The Bad: The thing I was scared of did happen. And oh, God once again.

The part in wich I use capslock and try not to yell at the screen anymore )
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Stupid cold. I slept terribly, if at all, last night, because I can't breathe properly and around 7 o'clock I finally gave up and here I'm. Showered, not really awake, and I hope Show is gonna make it worth.


The Good: Sneaky Angel-bastards and Brother!Hurt and Withdrawal!Sam and everything else in that episode.

The Bad: I have to wait another week to see the finale.

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The Good: The little angel girl

The Bad: Stupid looking vampire tendencies

The In-Between )
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The Good: Just one word: table.

The Bad: The ending.

The In-between )
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I'm only half into the episode and it's pure Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove.

They're doing laundry. There's brotherly banter. I like that writer - so say goodbye to him. The plot is awesome. We actually get Sam!insight. Wuhuu! 


Edit: Right now I'm inclined to say this is one of the best episodes in the history of ever. So much love for it.

But Castiel is wrong ... prophecies don't always come true. Ask Jona. He was majorly pissed of when God decided not to destroy Ninive although he made Jona tell everyone so.

Spoilerish part )

I may even begin to really like Castiel.

Spoilerish part )

Thanks Kripke for bringing back the show I love.
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The Good: I had fun.

The Bad: Sam wore pale yellow. (See, it has to be a good episode if all I'm complaining about are the clothes.)

Yes ... and more yes. ) 

Also? Jared and Jensen win at life. Especially the J2-con-life. I will just say this: "STUFE SECHS" ... and now I'm off to bed.

Edit: Have a look at Ghostfacers.com - especially the "Meet the Facers"-section ... I will only say this: Legend of the Seeker. I love my Show.
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The Good: I'm still trying to think of something.

The Bad: I'm still trying to figure out why I have so much problems with this episode.

Okay, screw that - I know why I have problems with it.

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The Good: Absolutely everything.

The Bad: Absolutely nothing.


One of the best. episodes. ever. Seriously. There was sooooo much squeeeee in it. I love it to bits and pieces. It was fantastic.

*sigh* I'm still high on it.
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The Good: Everything

The Bad: Nothing.

Episode review of incoherence )

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The Good: Show is back.

The Bad: Everything else.

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Tja, also ... joah ... öhm.

Ich hab die Folge zusammen mit Ina gesehen und ... nun ja. Richtig gefallen hat sie uns nicht.

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You know the definition for insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ... well, here I go. Once again I'm gonna eat breakfast while watching Supernatural.

PS: The unicorn says I'm not insane, but perfectly normal ... gosh, I like my unicorn. (Hey, and what's that [perfectly]? An adverb and I recognized it. Yeah me!)

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Ha, es gibt die Folge auf supernovatube! Keine Ton/Bild-Verschiebung wie bei megavideo! Der Tag fängt gut an.

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First of, it was fun. I laughed even more than last week ... buuuuut - I don't want fun anymore! At least not that much! I want mythology! Angst! Drama!

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After the rant last night I feel better. It's good to know there are sane and lovely people left in this fandom. And now I'm going to enjoy the Monster episode.

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Obviously I'm a liar because I need something to occupy my mind till the library opens and I can get lost in literature about old testament exegesis and stop thinking about my mum and hospitals and that I want to be with her ... besides the fact that I read some episode reviews and seriously got sick of people telling me this episode sucked (not to mention that I'm generally fed up with most of the attitude of the fandom this season in regard to Sam and Dean's relationship and the habit of favoring one character by abusing the other ... and no, I won't rant about that, not now at least).

So, here it goes:

Episode review of incoherence )

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Episode review of incoherence )


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