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It's three o'clock in the morning, and for once I'm not wide awake because I couldn't stop reading something or because I couldn't fall asleep. No, this time I went to bed before midnight and was sound asleep when a really loud noise made me snap out of sleep. At first I thought it was a burglar alarm on a car, and I went to close the window. Imagine my surprise when that didn't stop the noise. My sleep-addled brain needed a few precious minutes to figure out that it was the fire alarm in my dorm ringing.

Let me tell you, I wouldn't survive an actual fire.

I went out on the floor to see if it was only my side of the building with the alarm, but the noise just grew louder, and then a girl from another floor told me I had to leave the building.

Um ... okay.

I went back to my room, still in my pajamas, and thought about what to pack in case the building burnt down.

I'm not sure that packing in case of a real fire should take so long, or that I packed the right things (my two external harddrives, my wallet, the keys, my cellphone, my iPod, my necklace with the irish cross, two earrings, the book with all the proof for my credits, one library book [wtf?] and a spare change of clothes -- but I forgot to pack the pillow my mom made me. I'm now thinking I'd really want that if all my other belongings burn.), but eventually I got out of the building.

We were a surprisingly small group of students standing around in front of the building. So, it's the term break and a lot of people (all of those who hoard my parcels among them -- I want my Richard Hammond books! Now! *shakes her fists at them*) are away, but still. I bet half of us just stayed in their rooms, but how they could do that with all the noise is beyond me. It was so freaking loud.

And because my brain was still not functioning properly due to the time, I didn't realize in due time that the cute guy I told you earlier about was also standing outside. Darn. But alas, he stood apart from the rest of us, further cementing my belief he's a bit shy. At least now I know that he actually lives on the same floor as I do. That's something, right?

And now I'm off to bed, the second try. Sleep well!

Date: 21 September 2011 06:34 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] diapadme.livejournal.com
LOL, auweia. Na ja, das nächste Mal hast du vielleicht schon ein wenig mehr Routine drin XD
In welchem Wohnheim wohnst du eigentlich?

Date: 21 September 2011 07:40 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hope-calaris.livejournal.com
Lass uns hoffen, dass es kein nächstes Mal gibt. Und ich wohne im Max-Kade-Haus.

Date: 21 September 2011 08:47 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] janiebj.livejournal.com
my necklace with the irish cross, two earrings XD DAS sind mal Prioritäten!



Date: 21 September 2011 09:22 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hope-calaris.livejournal.com
Man muss wenigstens schick aussehen wenn schon alles abbrennt (und ehrlich, wie die ganzen Anderen es geschafft haben so gut auszusehen um drei Uhr nachts ist mir nen Rätsel. Gehen die alle gestylt ist Bett oder was?)! Und das Kreuz und die Ohrringe passen zu allem. So.

Und um zu realisieren dass ich wegrennen sollte war es einfach zu spät/früh. Mein Gehirn funktioniert nicht um drei Uhr morgens.

Und wieso hast du nen Eliot!Icon? Guckst du Leverage? o_O

Date: 21 September 2011 12:21 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] janiebj.livejournal.com
Ich habe die erste Staffel geschaut, weil du darauf bestanden hast, wenn ich mich recht entsinne. Und den Icon hatte Ina mal gebastelt und er passt halt bei so vielen Gelegenheiten


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