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Today is a wonderful day.

Livejournal is finally up and running again, which ... yeah, don't ever do that again, okay? I felt like I was missing a limb when it went down. I'll illustrate my reactions to lj's vanishing act with my newfound love for gifs:

When it didn't want to load for the first time:


When downornot.com told me lj was up and running, but it still wouldn't load for me:


When lj was still down on the second day ...


and the third ...


When it was up and running again for everybody else but not for me:


When I read all the people bitching about lj on twitter and tumblr with hilarious gifs:


When it finally worked for me as well:


The sun is shining, I'm planning on spending the afternoon in a chair on the lawn behind the house rereading Sean Astin's There and Back Again, I'll meet the girls in the evening, I've hopefully gotten rid of all the flour in my hair from the photoshoot yesterday (which was a lot of fun, btw, I probably can show you some pictures towards the end of the week), and I'm listening to Coldplay's new single Every teardrop is a waterfall on endless repeat.

Tomorrow, I'll meet Tine So. in Stralsund and we'll go shopping (and if any penguins go missing from the Ozeaneum in the meantime -- it wasn't me!). We'll also decide which holiday home to pick for our vacation in Sweden in September this week. I'm confident we will find one with an interior design that doesn't make me want to commit suicide within five minutes. Seriously, Swedes, you created IKEA -- you have to have a sense for this kind of thing.

On Thursday, I'll see Harry Potter 7.2 in 3D  with my mom (at least if the cinema is still playing it by then. Cross your fingers!), and on Friday I'll go back to Koserow to see a play ("Der Besuch der alten Dame" -- no clue what it is about) with my parents and Gocker.

Hope you all have a good week, too!

Date: 2 August 2011 13:48 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tuppeny.livejournal.com
Und schon wieder mit den lustigen gifs. Yay. :)

Mein Vater musste "Der Besuch der alten Dame" für einen Kurs mal lesen und hat's mir gegeben... leider habe ich es nie gelesen, also kann ich dir nicht sagen, wovon es handelt. Sag mir, ob es gut ist?

Date: 2 August 2011 22:34 (UTC)
jekesta: (fb)
From: [personal profile] jekesta
Hello! I hadn't been friending you purely because I don't speak German, but you're one of my favourite people on the internet, and this is fabulous, so here I am. (I actually have an awful lot of german show up on my flist, a lot of my snooker friends are in Germany, possibly I should learn it from a book.)

You really don't have to friend me back, it's really not a big thing. My journal can be all over the place and a bit constant, I get that.

Date: 3 August 2011 18:10 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hope-calaris.livejournal.com
Well, I did friend you back ... because otherwise you won't be able to read any of my fandom squee and couldn't join and then I'd be the only one squeeing about F&B and we can't have that, can we?


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