26 April 2009

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I made [livejournal.com profile] rei17 tag me to talk about Jace Wayland from the "Mortal Instruments"-trilogy.

1) Do you like this character?
*rofl* No, but I do love him. How could I not? He has daddy-issues surpassing even Dean Winchester's. He has also Dean's wit and street smartness, Sam's emo!pain and knowledge about the things that go bump in the night, he has Arthur's "I don't seem to care, but I love you nevertheless"-attitude and fighting skills, he's fierce and proud, he's the best hunter his age, he can be so honest it breaks your heart, he's borderline self-destructing, and he's loyal to death.

2) What name(s) do you call this character?
I think I spent most part of the first book calling him emo!kid or Dean or Arthur. He's sooooo like Arthur (need to picture Jace? Just think Arthur). All defiant and pretending not to care, but on the inside a little kid who wants his dad to love him and be proud of him. Yet I like his real name, Jace, best. It's a pretty name.

3) What image/color do you associate with this character?
Gold and white like an angel.

4) What song do you associate with this character?
I listened to the new album by Snow Patrol the whole time while reading, so it's no wonder why I picked these songs.

Snow Patrol - "If there's a rocket tie me to it" ... "I break, you don't, I was always set to self-destruct though; The fire, the fire, it cracks and barks like primal music" ... that's Jace. Breaking and self-destructing all the time, but with a fiery compassion for everyone he loves.

Snow Patrol
- "Take back the city" ... basically the whole song is Jace'S theme song.

"Take back the city for yourself tonight
I'll take back the city for me
Take back the city for yourself tonight
I'll always associate Jace with NYC, with its dark corners and underground world. Jace is at home there, it's his.

"God knows you put your life into its hands
And it's both cradled you and crushed
But now it's time to make your own demands"
Among other things I really loved the whole mythology about angels in the books and Jace is by one way or another more than anybody else associated with it and it has ruined his life in many ways, but his life changes when he mets Clary the first time and he realizes that there might be something else in store for him.

"It's a mess, it's a start
It's a flawed work of art
Your city, your call
Every crack, every wall
Pick a side, pick a fight
Get your epitaph right
You can sing, 'til you drop
'Cause the fun just never stops"
Shadowhunter life through and through. It never stops. And Jace loves to fight. Mostly just because it drowns out everything else he's worried about and because he thinks in the greater scheme he has way too many flaws and just doesn't matter.

"I love this city tonight
I love this city always
It bears its teeth like a light
And spits me out after days
But we're all gluttons for it
We know what's wrong and what's right
For every time it’s been hit
Take back the city tonight"
NYC isn't a nice city in this book with all its faeries and werewolves and vampires and so on. Jace loves to merge with this other world. I imagine him actually getting lost in the streets chasing demons etc., not caring about getting hurt.

"Tell me you never wanted more than this
And I will stop talking now
One perfect partner, one eternal kiss"
Just one name: Clary.

5) What blood-type do you think this character is?
Something rare, probably A neg.

6) Which character do you like to put his character with?
Clary, 'cause he loves her and she loves him, and they had to get through a really crappy time to get where they're now.
The whole Lightwood family, 'cause that's his family no matter what.

7) What would you want to say to this character?

Can I quote Bobby? "Family doesn't end with blood." / "Valentine's an ass, just forget him!" / "I love it when you're overprotective."

8) What do you want to do with this character: shake hands, hug, or kiss?
Hug, a lot. He needs it with such a crappy father. And if Clary doesn't watch it I'd like to kiss him one time.

9) Please choose a few friends with your choice of character
Ask and you shall be served.
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Somebody stop me. I'm listening to Keane's "This is the last time" again (way too long since the last time I heard it, I adore this song), and I feel the sudden urge to write Supernatural apocalypse!fic.
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Es hat zwar nicht geklappt, aber trotzdem danke fürs Wählen gehen, Gocker. Du darfst mich auch gerne trotzdem an der Küste besuchen kommen. Irgendwer muss mir doch Schokoccino kaufen. :)


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