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Just came back from watching Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol with [livejournal.com profile] easyleinchen. (I'm not gonna spoil anything that wasn't in the trailer.)

I have no real memory of M:I.
I like M:I 2 a great deal, but everyone else seems to hate it and the birds. I love the style, Tom's hair and the music. In fact, it was the first time I actually took notice of a score and ever since I've loved Hans Zimmer.
We don't talk about M:I 3 despite the fact that it had Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

When I first saw the trailer for M:I 4 I was kinda ... naaah, it looks okay, but really ... M:I 3 was such a disappointment I didn't want to risk it again. However, I really like going to the movies and watch well-done action movies, the new movie has Simon Pegg and then ... it also has Jeremy Renner. I had no idea who Jeremy was before Thor and tumblr. People seem to like him a great deal, and since I'm really looking forward to Avengers and he's in it, I thought "What the heck. I have to check him out."

Ooooh, I'm so glad I did it! I didn't expect much from this movie, but it was SO MUCH FUN. Poor [livejournal.com profile] easyleinchen had to suffer through my squeals of delight and barely suppressed declarations of love for everyone on screen. 

Tom is actually a team player in this movie. The team has characters and I grew to like each and everyone of them, not like in the movie we don't talk about. And they gave them issues. Everyone who knows me knows that I love issues when my favorite character has them. And they had well choreographed fights, which I'm also a fan of -- like, big time! Jeremy and Tom could really have gone another round at each other. That was so much fun to watch. Nevermind that it made me go all rrrrrrrrr. The locations were as beautiful as ever, but what really stood out this time was the humor. Twice they made fun of Tom's height or lack of thereof, and in general the characters didn't miss the chance to deliver a joke or two without it ever feeling odd.

In conclusion: If you want to see a fun and entertaining action movie during the holidays, this one is it.
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Oh, Rick Perry, after you posted this crap, it was only a matter of time before you a) gathered more dislikes than Rebecca Black's Friday video and b) motivated the interwebz to outnumber the amounts of the dislikes with videos that ridicule you.

You had it coming. (Due to lj's current issues with life, the universe and everything I can't embed the videos.)

I like to think Perry looked something like this when he realized what exactly he had done.

Hopefully he learnt his lesson ... the interwebz will always be there to beat him.
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Because we can't forget that there are beautiful things and persons in the world as well ... meet my godchild. She turned one last week and is totally adorable.

Sadly, I had to give her back after this picture was taken. I coud keep the plush broccoli from IKEA, though, It's a present from my cousin and her husband, and I'm ridiculously happy about it. A broccoli! For me! It's like the universe is telling me stuff XD.
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I loved the first two episodes of this season's Merlin. So much heartbreak and banter and awesomness and love in one place. ♥

Episode reaction AND fanarts )
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I finally, finally have my Richard Hammond books! Yeah me! Just in time for our holiday trip to Sweden. Thank God. I was really worried I wouldn't get them in time, and then what would have I read? It's not that I don't have other books to read, mind you, but I really, really want (like "want. now. why are you keeping the books from me, cruel neighbors?!?") to read these particular books at the moment.

Let's enjoy the sunshine )
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My prayers are with all those who've lost their lives on 9/11, and with all the people whose lives have been affected ever since.

“The reason I don’t worry about society is, nineteen people knocked down two buildings and killed thousands. Hundreds of people ran into those buildings to save them. I’ll take those odds every fucking day.”
- Jon Stewart
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It's time for election campaign in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which means we get to see some top-notch politician -- well, if we want, that's it. My initial plan was to see Gregor Gysi on Wednesday, but then that event turned out to be a five minutes speed dating event, and no ... as much as I dislike Die Linke, I just know that this guy is a way better rhetor than I'll ever be and could overturn every argument against his party that I have (and there were other members of his party as well I'd have had to talk to and I know nothing about them -- easier to just spare me the embarrassment). Which now makes me sound like an ignorant, petulant child who doesn't want to admit to being in the wrong. Um ... it's not that, okay? It's more the fact that I could never ever vote for a party which is a direct descendant from PDS and supports socialism and has some lunatics as members who think that communism is the way to go and won't stand up during a minute of silence for the people killed trying to cross the Wall. That's just plain indecent human behavior. Maybe I'm reacting more to this than usual because we just had the 5oth anniversary of the building of the Berlin wall, and I read newspaper articles about it and visited a memorial place.
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Ianto, my external harddrive doesn't work anymore. ;___; All my pictures, my stories, my university documents, my videos and my extensive music collection are on this thing. I'll lose half my memories if I can't access it anymore. I'll bring it to a store this week and see if they can do anything to at least salvage my data. At least I called my other harddrive Jack, and we all know he can't die.

And because technology wasn't done with me yet, I have all my tv channels back, but Pro7 doesn't have any sound. Yeah ... I dunno either.

But there are good news as well. I'm gonna be a godmother to my cousin's little girl. I'm totally excited and feel so honored.

PS: Oh, that's what they meant by the lj editor screws all editing once you actually have to edit something.
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Das Wetter ist wunderschön (♥), ich saß zweu Stunden draußen auf der Wiese und hab gelesen und außerdem hab ich heute noch Kuchen gebacken für Cousinchen und die Zwillinge.

Schokokuchen mit einer Vanillequarkcreme-Johannisbeer-Füllung. Experimentell weil ich kein Rezept hatte, aber Johannisbeeren das einzige, was Netto (dabei war's das gute) im Angebot hatte.

Und wel ich Lust hatte, die Effektefunktion von photobucket auszuprobieren, hab ich ganz viele Bilder zur Entstehung des Kuchens gemacht.

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I'm quite obviously back from the weekend with my parents, and it was nice.

I now have more mosquito bites on my legs than fingers on my hands, and on Sunday my legs were swollen and hurt like nobody's business, but it's getting better now. And how did I get the bites, you may ask? By standing outside the church in Koserow waiting for the play "The Visit" (Der Besuch der alten Dame) by Dürrenmatt to start on Friday evening. The play itself was pretty intense and disturbing. We had seats in the first row, so seeing the actors from only a meter (if at all) away definitely added to the intensity. And I don't mean "disturbing" in the blood and gore kinda way, but that the ideas presented in the play were disturbing: The old lady offers her poor home town 1 billion if one of the town's people kills her former lover who had once made her leave the town in shame. It's a play about the alluring power of money, and how people slowly but surely fall victim to it. The really disturbing part here is that I can't find it in me to say that this would never happen in real life.

I spent nearly the whole Saturday in a Strandkorb on the beach, which was all kinds of amazing. It didn't rain for once (apparently, according to the local channels, we had more rain in July than on the average in 6 months), but it was sunny and warm. I even bought ice cream for me and my brother. I also finished rereading Sean Astin's There and back again, and I still like it quite a lot, because it just feels very honest. There are some passages in the book when I thought "Oh my ... you're an idiot and an asshole!", and he didn't try to find any excuses for his behavior because he knows it was wrong how he behaved back then. Where John Barrowman's biographies are all about TMI (one day, John, one day we'll find out how that thing in the tree worked!) and how amazing he is (and I love that about him, just so you know, John finding himself amazing is one of my favorite things in the entertainment business), Sean Astin's is all about honesty.

I'm also still lacking half of my tv channels thanks to the big thunderstorm a few weeks back, and of course my janitor can't do a thing. Why would he, right? Apparently, I'm not the only one missing ARD and quite a few other channels, and none of the people responsible for our dorm have any idea why. *le sigh* Thank goodness ARD is doing a livestream for the football match Germany vs. Brazil.

PS: [livejournal.com profile] leviathans_moon linked me to these pictures: here and here. I'm slightly freaked out now. Also, I'm really, really in favor of penguin world domination. Just so you know.
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Today is a wonderful day.

Livejournal is back -- here is my withdrawal diary )

The sun is shining, I'm planning on spending the afternoon in a chair on the lawn behind the house rereading Sean Astin's There and Back Again, I'll meet the girls in the evening, I've hopefully gotten rid of all the flour in my hair from the photoshoot yesterday (which was a lot of fun, btw, I probably can show you some pictures towards the end of the week), and I'm listening to Coldplay's new single Every teardrop is a waterfall on endless repeat.

Tomorrow, I'll meet Tine So. in Stralsund and we'll go shopping (and if any penguins go missing from the Ozeaneum in the meantime -- it wasn't me!). We'll also decide which holiday home to pick for our vacation in Sweden in September this week. I'm confident we will find one with an interior design that doesn't make me want to commit suicide within five minutes. Seriously, Swedes, you created IKEA -- you have to have a sense for this kind of thing.

On Thursday, I'll see Harry Potter 7.2 in 3D  with my mom (at least if the cinema is still playing it by then. Cross your fingers!), and on Friday I'll go back to Koserow to see a play ("Der Besuch der alten Dame" -- no clue what it is about) with my parents and Gocker.

Hope you all have a good week, too!
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... warum ich den Tag (im Sinne von Kategorie, siehe rechts) "unileben" genannt hab. "Uni-Wahnsinn" wäre SO viel passender gewesen.

Es fing gestern damit an, dass ich zu ner Info-Veranstaltung für die Staatsexamensprüfung in der Anglistik war. Es lief darauf hinaus, dass wir keine Ahnung haben, wer im nächsten Semester überhaupt Prüfungen abnehmen kann und wer von den Lehrkräften überhaupt noch da ist und wann die Prüfungen überhaupt sind, weil keiner der Dozenten in den Ferien Prüfungen abnehmen will. Und nach der neuen Terminregelung wären die Prüfungen in den Ferien.

Mein Tag in gifs )
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Ich muss nicht traurig lächeln, aber es ist der einzige Icon den ich habe von Herr der Ringe.

Vorletzte Woche bekam ich plötzlich ne Mail von Amazon mit dem Betreff "Ihre Bestellung wurde versandt ... " Meine Augen machten ungefähr so: o_O?? Und ich dachte "Whut? Ich hab nichts bestellt diese Woche! Wer hat schon wieder mein Amazonkonto geknackt?" ... stellte sich heraus, dass Amazon mal wieder überschnell war und meine Super-Duper-Riesen-Megabox von HdR schon eine Woche vor Erscheinungstermin versand hat. Ich war also wieder beruhigt.

Box kam auch gut zuhause an (und Holla die Waldfee, sieht die SCHICK aus. Richtig, richtig edel), damit war es aber mit Amazons "Wir haben Sie so lieb, wir schicken ihnen jetzt mehrere Mails pro Woche"-Anfall nicht vorbei.

Zuerst wurde ich informiert, dass sich Kunden über Tonhöhenunterschiede in der deutschen Version beschwert hatten. Ich machte "Aha, doof. Ist ja jetzt nicht so dolle, wenn Frodo erst rumwispert und man im nächsten Moment vom Gebrüll eines Orks ausm Sofa gehauen wird." Amazon schrieb weiter, dass der Hersteller das überprüft und ich gegebenenfalls die Blue Rays natürlich umtauschen kann.

Dann kam die freudige Mail, dass Amazon mir Geld zurückerstattet, weil der Preis der DVD zwischen Versand und offiziellem Verkaufsbeginn um sage und schreibe ÖLF Euro gesunken ist. Ich dachte: "Wow ... danke, Amazon!"

Dann kam die Mail, dass es tatsächlich Tonhöhenunterschiede gibt, und zwar zwischen der deutschen und der englischen Tonspur. Ich dachte: "Öhm, und? Ist ja nicht so, als ob ich ständig beim Film schauen hin und herschalte. Und bei allen möglichen DVDs ist mir auch schon aufgefallen, dass die englische Tonspur leiser ist als die deutsche ... aber vermutlich versteh ich die Brisanz der Lage nicht richtig oder so." Aber die Mail ging ja noch weiter: "Für die Unannehmlichkeiten die Ihnen in diesem Zusammenhang entstanden sind, möchten wir uns entschuldigen und Sie mit einem Gutschein über 5 EUR entschädigen." Und ich dachte: "Welche Unannehmlichkeiten? Aber egaaaal, danke für den Gutschein!" Der Gutschein ist bis Ende 2012 für DVDs/Blue Rays gültig und wird vermutlich gegen Weihnachten in die Mit Herz & Handschellen-Box investiert. Zudem enthält die Mail einen Link zu den Umtauschmodalitäten für die Box (die ich ja noch gar nicht angesehen habe, aber Björn hat in HGW nen Blue Ray Player) und da steht dann unter anderem "Eine Einsendung der gekauften Blu-ray Discs oder der kompletten Box an das Service-Center ist nicht nötig". 

Moment mal.

Heißt das, ich erzähle denen also ich bin "mit der Ton-Qualität des Produktes unzufrieden" und die schicken mir die 6 Blue Rays mit den Filmen nach Hause OHNE dass ich die anderen Blue Rays hergeben muss? Bei denen mir vermutlich der "gerinfügige Tonunterschied" nichtmal aufgefallen wäre? Hätte ich dann im Endeffekt den Film zweimal in perfekter HD-Quali? 

Wo kann ich hinschreiben?
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Let's start with something nice:

My birthday was awesome. Thanks to all my guest for being there, for the presents, and for your lovely stories. I hope you had as much fun as I had. Also, thanks to all the other people who thought of me, texted, called or wrote something on my facebook wall or studivz. ♥♥♥

And now for today:


Yesterday, I spent two hours preparing a presentation about religion teachers in East Berlin for my seminar about undenominational people. Two hours, okay? And today, my teacher told the group that we won't have enough time to do all presentations. Guess whose presentation fell under the table? Yep. And it gets even better. To "honor" my work I had to give the teacher my notes to look over, and he said he'd get back to me if he has any questions. Yeah, I totally believe he'll have some questions. And then, because I didn't already prepare two presentations for this seminar, we have to do yet another one for next time. And I don't even get a Schein for this because I missed a whole month due to my internship in May. So, this time we could choose between two assignments for this: either we create a project to attract atheists to a parish or we interview atheists, and we are supposed to work in groups (and one thing I found out in this seminar that I'm not comfortable with missionary work -- at all. so I'll do the the interviews). Now the thing is that I'm the only one in this seminar who's not a pastor or a pastor in training, so naturally everyone else chose the first assignment. And my teacher had the guts to ask why I wanted to work alone. This is ... gah, I wanted to strangle him in that moment.

Thank God I spent a lovely morning at the girls' place afterwards. I really needed that. And to further cheer me up, have one of my favorite moments of a performance in Glee:

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Um, so actually this was supposed to be an entry about my thoughts while watching all the Kurt/Blaine-scenes from season 2 of Glee ... then -- "thanks" to [livejournal.com profile] rei17 -- I got lost on tumblr and realized that Chris Colfer is actually really pretty! When did this happen? o_O

Anyway, say Hi to Darren Criss and Chris Colfer! This entry is dedicated to them and their characters on Glee.

Click the pretty )
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So, Kinners, es ist mal wieder so weit. Wir haben Juni und da auch dieser wunderschöne Monat (okay, gerade gewittert es mal wieder, aber so generell stimmt es) mal zu Ende gehen wird, sich aber einige von euch noch auf dieses Ende gebührend vorbereiten wollen, erfolgt hiermit nun:

zu meiner Geburtstagsfeier
vom 26. auf den 27. Juni
um 18 Uhr
bei den Mädels gegenüber der Marienkirche

einzige Einlassbedingung ist eine
mindestens eine Seite lange Geschichte
(Fandom oder Orginal ist euch frei gestellt)
in der zwei Wörter (eins mit p und eins mit m) vorkommen, die auf Anfrage von mir in den Kommentaren verteilt werden.

Ich freue mich auf rege Beteiligung und danke [livejournal.com profile] janiebj, die für das Meisterwerk oben zuständig war.
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Test. Mein erster Beitrag via Handy! Wuhuuh!

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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ABER! Es gibt sie endlich! Einige von euch haben ja schon gar nicht mehr daran geglaubt. Sie hielten sie für ein mystisches Wesen, eine Ausgeburt meines Verstandes, genauso scheu wie irische Elfen. Wovon red ich?

Von der Super-Duper-Riesen-Megabox von Herr der Ringe.

Jahaaa, es gibt sie! Mit allen Extras, allen Dokus, wirklich ALLEM. Und jetzt hab ich sie auf Zureden von Bruderherz vorbestellt.

Jetzt brauch ich nur noch einen Blue Ray-Player ...

PS: Und jetzt ist es bestätigt, Bruderherz, das sind keine Miniaturaufnahmen beim ESC. Peter Urban hat mir Recht gegeben.
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... die den Alltag schöner machen.

Ich stehe heute am Schalter von Burger King. Rechts neben mir ein etwas älterer Herr und wiederum rechts daneben ein Teenager mit seinem kleinen Bruder. Und wir alle warten auf unsere Bestellung. Da fängt der Teenager an, sein Kleingeld aus seiner Hose zu kramen und es in die Spendenbox auf der Theke zu tun. Und ich denke mir: 'Hey, gute Idee. Mein Portemonnaie ist sowieso viel zu schwer, also mach ich das auch mal`. Gesagt, getan. Ich bin also dabei, mein ganzes Kleingeld loszuwerden, da öffnet der Mann neben mir auch seine Geldbörse und fängt an, Kleingeld in die Spendenbox vor sich zu tun. Es war Herdentrieb der besten Sorte. ♥


Am Wochenende hat die komplette Familie Omas 88. Geburtstag im Georgium in Dessau gefeiert. Es war wunderschön. Ich hab mich nett unterhalten, viel Spaß gehabt und es war herrlichster Sonnenschein. Hier zwei Impressionen:


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Hi everybody,

I'm back in Karben for a month, and tomorrow I'll start going to school again -- well, I'll be back to the KSS, and doing my last intership for my studies. I'm parts excited and parts scared to death since I'll have to teach twenty hours *gulp*. But hey, the last time it turned out pretty well, and I loved it. I'm also a bit more prepared for the teaching experience, I think, since I brought all the stuff I have in terms of teaching material with me (Martin's car was packed to the brim, I can tell you). I also brought Berta, my printer/scanner with me, so I should be fine in that regard (and seriously, who doesn't have a printer these days? Martin, that's who -- I love him nevertheless. We had a nice car ride yesterday ... gosh, all in all I spent nearly eight hours in a car yesterday. Gocker drove us from Koserow to Wolfen, and then Martin drove us to Karben in the evening. At least I could pick the music XD).

Being in Karben also means some other fabulous things (apart from the wonderful Dolce Gusto machine Martin owns, and which makes great cappu): I'm gonna go and visit [livejournal.com profile] faelkchen in two weeks. I'll teach her the awesomeness that's the ESC (and we'll bake cake), I'll see [livejournal.com profile] rei17 , and a few minutes ago I booked tickets to a Jason Mann's concert (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] germanjj for pointing out he's in Germany) in Frankfurt. It will be the first time I'll go to a non-classical concert (yes, I'm weird that way, I've been to tons of clasiscal concerts, opera, and so on, but never been to a "pop" concert), so I'm excited for it. Martin was also nice enough to agree to come along with me.

Easter was also fun, since I spent it with my family in Koserow. The boys and I played miniature golf (I know there's some other name for it, but dict.cc is refusing to indulge me), which made me laugh really hard most of the times. Let's just say we're not really good at it. We also went to the Easter sunday service in the local church which was pretty amazing. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun during a service. I nearly cried tears from all the laughter. The pastor was hilarious during his sermon. He had a hand puppet called Lucy and made her talk in this really high voice, and they talked about how the women found the empty grave and weren't afraid (which means that women are totally kick-ass, btw), and that the angel was really laid-back. It was awesome. We also sang what probably is the worst coordinated cantata in the history of ever, but also the wonderful Irish traditional "May the road rise to meet you".


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