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I finally, finally have my Richard Hammond books! Yeah me! Just in time for our holiday trip to Sweden. Thank God. I was really worried I wouldn't get them in time, and then what would have I read? It's not that I don't have other books to read, mind you, but I really, really want (like "want. now. why are you keeping the books from me, cruel neighbors?!?") to read these particular books at the moment.

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It's three o'clock in the morning, and for once I'm not wide awake because I couldn't stop reading something or because I couldn't fall asleep. No, this time I went to bed before midnight and was sound asleep when a really loud noise made me snap out of sleep. At first I thought it was a burglar alarm on a car, and I went to close the window. Imagine my surprise when that didn't stop the noise. My sleep-addled brain needed a few precious minutes to figure out that it was the fire alarm in my dorm ringing.

Let me tell you, I wouldn't survive an actual fire.

I went out on the floor to see if it was only my side of the building with the alarm, but the noise just grew louder, and then a girl from another floor told me I had to leave the building.

Um ... okay.

I went back to my room, still in my pajamas, and thought about what to pack in case the building burnt down.

I'm not sure that packing in case of a real fire should take so long, or that I packed the right things (my two external harddrives, my wallet, the keys, my cellphone, my iPod, my necklace with the irish cross, two earrings, the book with all the proof for my credits, one library book [wtf?] and a spare change of clothes -- but I forgot to pack the pillow my mom made me. I'm now thinking I'd really want that if all my other belongings burn.), but eventually I got out of the building.

We were a surprisingly small group of students standing around in front of the building. So, it's the term break and a lot of people (all of those who hoard my parcels among them -- I want my Richard Hammond books! Now! *shakes her fists at them*) are away, but still. I bet half of us just stayed in their rooms, but how they could do that with all the noise is beyond me. It was so freaking loud.

And because my brain was still not functioning properly due to the time, I didn't realize in due time that the cute guy I told you earlier about was also standing outside. Darn. But alas, he stood apart from the rest of us, further cementing my belief he's a bit shy. At least now I know that he actually lives on the same floor as I do. That's something, right?

And now I'm off to bed, the second try. Sleep well!
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My prayers are with all those who've lost their lives on 9/11, and with all the people whose lives have been affected ever since.

“The reason I don’t worry about society is, nineteen people knocked down two buildings and killed thousands. Hundreds of people ran into those buildings to save them. I’ll take those odds every fucking day.”
- Jon Stewart
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Ianto is back! He's back and kicking a** and taking names, and I never want him to leave me again. I'm currently busy backing up my stuff from Ianto to Jack (because I'm still clinging to the believe that Jack will never die, maybe desert me for some time, but never die).

So, let's celebrate in style, okay?


And on a related note, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how the pc store which repaired my harddrive actually manages to survive. That place is a utter mess. The repair guy spent about ten minutes searching for my usb cable (he had had to change the harddrive shell and now it has a different plug and he thought I wouldn't want my old cable anymore -- he thought wrong) in the mess that is his workshop till he finally found it. The best part, however, was when he gave me the cable, looked a bit puzzled, and then said "Um ... make that ... um ... twenty, 'kay?" On the phone he'd told me it would cost me twenty-five, so I wasn't complaining now. But honestly? How the heck does this man do his taxes when he's making up prices on the spot? Is he like Bernard from Black Books, completely desperate when the time to do his taxes comes around and then tries to find skinheads to beat him up so he doesn't have to do them? I'm intrigued.

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Gocker asked for it, so here we go. The video summary of that hilarious Top Gear caravan trip.

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It's time for election campaign in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which means we get to see some top-notch politician -- well, if we want, that's it. My initial plan was to see Gregor Gysi on Wednesday, but then that event turned out to be a five minutes speed dating event, and no ... as much as I dislike Die Linke, I just know that this guy is a way better rhetor than I'll ever be and could overturn every argument against his party that I have (and there were other members of his party as well I'd have had to talk to and I know nothing about them -- easier to just spare me the embarrassment). Which now makes me sound like an ignorant, petulant child who doesn't want to admit to being in the wrong. Um ... it's not that, okay? It's more the fact that I could never ever vote for a party which is a direct descendant from PDS and supports socialism and has some lunatics as members who think that communism is the way to go and won't stand up during a minute of silence for the people killed trying to cross the Wall. That's just plain indecent human behavior. Maybe I'm reacting more to this than usual because we just had the 5oth anniversary of the building of the Berlin wall, and I read newspaper articles about it and visited a memorial place.
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Top Gear is one brilliant tv show. I have no ideas why guys watch it, but it's bloody brilliant and hilarious.

I've laughed tears watching this. Actual tears.
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Ianto, my external harddrive doesn't work anymore. ;___; All my pictures, my stories, my university documents, my videos and my extensive music collection are on this thing. I'll lose half my memories if I can't access it anymore. I'll bring it to a store this week and see if they can do anything to at least salvage my data. At least I called my other harddrive Jack, and we all know he can't die.

And because technology wasn't done with me yet, I have all my tv channels back, but Pro7 doesn't have any sound. Yeah ... I dunno either.

But there are good news as well. I'm gonna be a godmother to my cousin's little girl. I'm totally excited and feel so honored.

PS: Oh, that's what they meant by the lj editor screws all editing once you actually have to edit something.
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Das Wetter ist wunderschön (♥), ich saß zweu Stunden draußen auf der Wiese und hab gelesen und außerdem hab ich heute noch Kuchen gebacken für Cousinchen und die Zwillinge.

Schokokuchen mit einer Vanillequarkcreme-Johannisbeer-Füllung. Experimentell weil ich kein Rezept hatte, aber Johannisbeeren das einzige, was Netto (dabei war's das gute) im Angebot hatte.

Und wel ich Lust hatte, die Effektefunktion von photobucket auszuprobieren, hab ich ganz viele Bilder zur Entstehung des Kuchens gemacht.

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The headache is finally gone. Thank Goodness. I'm still having the weirdest dreams, though, and it's getting exhausting. This night I dreamed I'd move into another dorm, which I had to share with at least four people and a guy who looked like a tiny Santa Clause ... yeah, I don't know. That dream was only marignally better than the one last night in which I was suddenly a guy with a kid running from the mob and missing all the right trains. (No more Harvey with a kid!ff for me before bed, that's for sure)

Today, I paid Gocker for the ferry to Sweden we'll take for our holidays in October (yes, we moved the date from September to October). We also finally booked our holiday home, so everything's settled and I'm excited. I also donated money to a relief organization for the famine in East Africa. I strongly urge everyone who has some money to spare to do the same.

Yesterday, I stumbled across a documentary about the Shoa in Belgium on ARTE. They had this really powerful thing where the female narrator would calmly read the number of the transport to Auschwitz, the number of people in it and the number of people who survived. And towards the end they showed this old guy standing at the train rails, who's lost his wife and his kids in Auschwitz, and he said that he can't go to Auschwitz because there's nothing there to remind him of his family, but these train rails in Belgium -- that's the place where his family started dying. Let's say I cried when it was over.

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... the one day I'd consider going to bed early because I'm tired and didn't have my cappu in the afternoon is the one day I have to stay awake to pick up my parents from a meeting with some friends.

At least I have blueberry cake and Ocean's Eleven fanfiction to keep me company until then.

PS: I also need to stop reading the F&B meme, too many shiny prompts! *__*
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I'm quite obviously back from the weekend with my parents, and it was nice.

I now have more mosquito bites on my legs than fingers on my hands, and on Sunday my legs were swollen and hurt like nobody's business, but it's getting better now. And how did I get the bites, you may ask? By standing outside the church in Koserow waiting for the play "The Visit" (Der Besuch der alten Dame) by Dürrenmatt to start on Friday evening. The play itself was pretty intense and disturbing. We had seats in the first row, so seeing the actors from only a meter (if at all) away definitely added to the intensity. And I don't mean "disturbing" in the blood and gore kinda way, but that the ideas presented in the play were disturbing: The old lady offers her poor home town 1 billion if one of the town's people kills her former lover who had once made her leave the town in shame. It's a play about the alluring power of money, and how people slowly but surely fall victim to it. The really disturbing part here is that I can't find it in me to say that this would never happen in real life.

I spent nearly the whole Saturday in a Strandkorb on the beach, which was all kinds of amazing. It didn't rain for once (apparently, according to the local channels, we had more rain in July than on the average in 6 months), but it was sunny and warm. I even bought ice cream for me and my brother. I also finished rereading Sean Astin's There and back again, and I still like it quite a lot, because it just feels very honest. There are some passages in the book when I thought "Oh my ... you're an idiot and an asshole!", and he didn't try to find any excuses for his behavior because he knows it was wrong how he behaved back then. Where John Barrowman's biographies are all about TMI (one day, John, one day we'll find out how that thing in the tree worked!) and how amazing he is (and I love that about him, just so you know, John finding himself amazing is one of my favorite things in the entertainment business), Sean Astin's is all about honesty.

I'm also still lacking half of my tv channels thanks to the big thunderstorm a few weeks back, and of course my janitor can't do a thing. Why would he, right? Apparently, I'm not the only one missing ARD and quite a few other channels, and none of the people responsible for our dorm have any idea why. *le sigh* Thank goodness ARD is doing a livestream for the football match Germany vs. Brazil.

PS: [livejournal.com profile] leviathans_moon linked me to these pictures: here and here. I'm slightly freaked out now. Also, I'm really, really in favor of penguin world domination. Just so you know.
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Usually, I don't complain about stuff people write. If I don't like it, I don't read it. I close the tab and everyone lives happily ever after. I don't leave angry comments telling the author how much they suck or that they're weirdos for having this particular kink. I have enough random kinks of my own to appreciate the freedom of thought.

So, yeah, this complaint is not about the content of any particular story, this is about a pet peeve of mine regarding spelling of all things.

We all know that I'm not a native English speaker. I confuse two and too and who's and whose (and the occasionally which) and I'm not exactly proud of it. I try my best, though.

I do, however, know the difference between breath and breathe.

Breath - noun

breathe - verb

And unless there's been a recent change in English spelling nobody told me about, we have a pandamic on our hands. In 99% of the fanfics I've read lately in which a variation of breath/breathe occurs, the author spells it wrong.

I don't get it (I also don't get why it annoys me so damn much -- it just does). know the difference. And I'm not even a native speaker! 

Please, use a spell-check! I don't want to tell my students to read texts in English online just for them to learn the wrong spelling one day!

PS: I'm also the tiniest bit gleeful that there's already a ship!war raging in the Suits!fandom, whereas my tiny F&B!Fandom is as cozy as ever.
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Today is a wonderful day.

Livejournal is back -- here is my withdrawal diary )

The sun is shining, I'm planning on spending the afternoon in a chair on the lawn behind the house rereading Sean Astin's There and Back Again, I'll meet the girls in the evening, I've hopefully gotten rid of all the flour in my hair from the photoshoot yesterday (which was a lot of fun, btw, I probably can show you some pictures towards the end of the week), and I'm listening to Coldplay's new single Every teardrop is a waterfall on endless repeat.

Tomorrow, I'll meet Tine So. in Stralsund and we'll go shopping (and if any penguins go missing from the Ozeaneum in the meantime -- it wasn't me!). We'll also decide which holiday home to pick for our vacation in Sweden in September this week. I'm confident we will find one with an interior design that doesn't make me want to commit suicide within five minutes. Seriously, Swedes, you created IKEA -- you have to have a sense for this kind of thing.

On Thursday, I'll see Harry Potter 7.2 in 3D  with my mom (at least if the cinema is still playing it by then. Cross your fingers!), and on Friday I'll go back to Koserow to see a play ("Der Besuch der alten Dame" -- no clue what it is about) with my parents and Gocker.

Hope you all have a good week, too!
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Baked chocolate cake, off to a photoshoot now!

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realizing I have to take my bike to college in the freaking rain again to spend the morning translating Old Greek, I feel like this:

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Needed to do something to distract me from the horrible news of what's happened in Norway yesterday -- still can't believe it.

screencaps by
texture by peytonsworld.deviantart.com
brushes by insomniac
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Es regnet und stürmt seit fast zwei Tagen. Ich vergess langsam, wie die Sonne aussieht. Gab es sie jemals? Inziwschen unterscheide ich die Nuancen der einen großen Wolke die über uns liegt in steingrau und aschgrau und mausgrau. Und keine der Farben ist auch nur in irgendeiner Art und Weise frisch.

Heute wurde ich von furchtbar lautem Donner geweckt und habe mich tierisch erschrocken. Keine schöne Art aufzuwachen. Und es hört einfach nicht auf ...
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Heute war's auch wieder lustig, jedenfalls für mich. Keine Ahnung, ob jemand anders das auch witzig finden würde. Ich bin jedenfalls aufgewacht und musste lachen.

Erst hatte ich praktisch nen Crossover-Traum. Patrick J. Adams aus Suits (ich werd wohl noch nen rec-Post zu meinen Sommerserien machen, tumblr war wieder großzügig mit gifs ^^) musste mit zwei anderen ne Szene blocken und hatte seinen Text vergessen. Er sollte eigentlich nur seinen Namen sagen, was sagte er stattdessen? "Darren Criss. Rockstar." ... Uhm, ja, Unterbewusstsein, ganz sicher ... *pat pat* Und weil mein Traum-Ich da noch nicht genug gegiggelt hatte, träumte ich schließlich auch noch von Harry Potter, oder vielmehr von Draco und seinen Eltern. Die sollten nämlich zum Essen kommen und wer auch immer die Erwachsenen in diesem Szenario waren, sie waren total aufgeregt und wollten dass wir (die Kinder) unsere besten Kleider anziehen und alles war furchtbar steif und förmlich. Sie wollten offenbar ihre älteste Tochter mit Draco verkuppeln. Endlich klingelte es, aber weil irgendwer die Tür nicht ordentlich aufgemacht und die Malfoys standesgemäß begrüßt hatte, wurde denen doch tatsächlich die Tür wieder vor die Nase zugeschlagen, damit man das so machen konnte wie sich das gehört. Ich bin fast erstickt vor Lachen als man die Malfoys schließlich reingelassen hat und ich ihre verwirrten Gesichter gesehen hab. Und um das ganze noch abgefahrener zu machen, waren die Malfoys total locker drauf, hatten ganz normale Alltagskleidung an und Draco war total entspannt mit seiner Jeansjacke und langen, verwuschelten blonden Haaren. Grandios.
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Träume sind Schäume und blah und blub, aber ernsthaft, was sollte das?

Ich war mit Tine So. und Anja in NYC (okayyyyy?) und es war nach 18 Uhr und wir haben überlegt wo wir hingehen. Ich wollte in eine Moschee, Tine So. wollte nicht, war aber egal, weil die eh nicht mehr offen war (schon wieder, offenbar waren wir da eher auch schon mal und konnten auch nicht rein). War aber eine wunderhübsche Moschee. Ich wollte dann den ebenfalls wunderhübschen Platz vor der Moschee fotografieren, aber plötzlich kam ne riesige Touristengruppe und hat mir das Bild zugestellt, woraufhin ich mich über Touristen beschwert habe -- lauthals (mein Traum-Ich kennt da offenbar nichts). Dann sind wir ne Weile rumgelaufen und haben uns schließlich auf ne Bank gesetzt. Ich hab vorgeschlagen, wir können ja den Champs-Elysées lang laufen (weil der ja auch in NYC ist o_O, so schlecht war ich in Geo nie!) und vielleicht Eis essen. Tine wollte daraufhin wissen, wie teuer das Eis da ist und ich gab zu 12 Euro für den Eisbecher damals bezahlt zu haben. Tine und Anja machten große Augen, aber das war mir in dem Moment egal, weil ich mal auf Toilette musste. Die Mädels wussten, wo eine war und es gab eine von mir nicht wirklich verstandene Wegbeschreibung -- ich ging trotzdem los. Und fand an der nächsten Ecke ein Schild auf Französisch (was soll das?), das mich zu einer Toilette lotste. Aber was für ein Weg. So eng, da kommt man nur unter 27 Jahren durch. Und dann stand ich, nachdem ich eine wirklich, wirklich enge Wendeltreppe hochgekraxelt war, auf nem kleinen Hügel und sollte ne Wasserrutsche runter. Wurde aber vorher erstmal von Robben abgedrängt, die zuerst rutschen wollten. Ja, Robben. Fragt nicht. Ich weiß auch nicht. Jedenfalls bin ich schließlich gerutscht (und waruuum? Ich mag keine Wasserrutschen!) und landete in einem ... alten Schwimmbad. Irgendwie hätte das nicht so überraschend kommen sollen. Dort stellte ich fest, dass der Leiter der Einrichtung so um die 3o war, sehr nett war auf ne Holzfäller-Art und Weise und irgendwie von der Stadt ausgenutzt wurde, die nicht wirklich für seine Stelle bezahlen wollte, aber er wollte die ganzen Kinder ja nicht hängen lassen und hat trotzdem das Bad offen gehalten. Es endete damit, dass ich mir drei(!!) Spritzen als Hepatitis-Impfung setzen sollte und man mir erzählt, dass sie alle furchtbar weh tun würde. Ich nenne das ein mieses Verkaufsgespräch und habe mich standhaft geweigert.

Und dann bin ich aufgewacht.

Oh man.



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