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Dear lj,

I think it must have went something like this.

One morning, you got up after a weird dream and drank too much coffee.

Suddenly, you had a glorious idea.

(and because this is Jeremy you already know something is going to catch fire and explode in the worst way possible)

Maybe you had a few monents of doubt if we'd like the changes, but eventually you convinced yourself that everyone would love the new ideas. You loved these ideas after all. They were shiny and new and glorious.

So, you did it.

Then you told us and waited, happy in the expectation of our rejoicing over the changes.

That morning, we woke up, a bit surprised.

We checked and rechecked and the changes were still there.

You still thought everything was going fine.

However, we didn't understand a single thing of what had happened.

And then, it occured to us.

You had become mad.

And we hadn't noticed.

You had taken everything we love about lj and twisted into its opposite. You took the comment subject line from us which is essential to all kind of memes (for which you are famous, even though apparently you don't realize this. Trust me, though, memes are the reason half of us are here), you removed the easy way to navigate threads, you installed a shiny new although unwanted comment design, you forced us to look at all of our icons before we can actually choose them. Our first instinct told us to run from this madness.

You didn't understand why we're mad.

We didn't understand why you hated us so much.

End of story.

PS: How am I supposed to get my M:I 4 fanfic meme now that you went and screwed everything up? EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!
(obviously, none of the gifs were made by me. I'm not clever enough for stuff like this.)
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