27 May 2011

hope_calaris: (Glee - Klaine approval)
What could be more fitting for my very first non-classical concert than an approval by Kurt and Blaine from Glee? Nothing, that's the right answer.

So, Martin and I went to see Jason Manns tonight. And it was fantastic. The location was somewhat adorable, because it was in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood, and not in a million years would I have thought you can stage a concert there. Anyway, you can, because it was a small stage and only about fifty people were there (but to be honest, more wouldn't have fit into the room). It was a really nice atmosphere, and of course women were in the majority. Jason knew that as well, and he took extra time to thank all the men who had been dragged along. He even promised he'd pay for the guy's beverages (and he did!).

Jason played for a bit more than an hour, and I really like his singing voice -- but I already knew that. I also already knew that although I like his songs, they're not exactly what I'd call outstanding. I own one of his albums and only one of the songs has a really catchy tune for me (the album is more like a long, calm river which doesn't distract and is nice to listen to). But that doesn't matter, because I quite enjoy listening to his amazing voice. He didn't play my favorite song from his album, Journey, but he did play Crazy Love (and obviously that song has one more verse than the version by him and Jensen made us believe! ) and Hallelujah and invited the crowd to sing along with him -- which we gladly did. Especially Hallelujah was an amazing cover. Well done, Jason!

And of course I couldn't leave this show behind me without buying some memorabilia. So I went and got myself his tour shirt (nothing special, it's grey and has his tour dates on the back, but it's actually quite comfy), and just as I was buying it, he came through the backstage door and I could snatch a photo with him and tell him how much I enjoyed his show. He's an absolute sweetheart, by the way.


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