16 March 2011

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You remember the term paper about "Spaces in The Scarlet Letter - Landscape as a place for truths and secrets" I handed in last week? I already got it back today. I was super-nervous, because it's a bit too short for a "Hauptseminar" paper *cough*, but anyway, my prof didn't seem to mind, because I got a 1,1!!! The thing is, stuff like this simply doesn't happen to me, at least not in Germany (UL is a completely different matter). I'm never really good with term papers, because I like the structure of essays much better, and they suit my style better. So it's a nice change of pace to actually get a good grade on something I've written. And my prof was incredibly sweet in what she wrote as an assessment.
Tine, just like in class you have convinced me with your very good ability to work with the literary text. Your interpretations clearly show that you have given the text much thought. Fine!
I love the fact alone that she calls me Tine all the time (and I absolutely don't mind, she's the prof who got me to the FedCon for free). I also went and got my result for "Phonectis & Phonology", and I was completely flabbergasted that I got a 2,3 here. I knew that I had passed the exam, but I was expecting something more like a 3 or 3,5.

All in all, this gets the day a

We'll see if that holds true for the rest of the day, because the delivery service brought Hugo II back to me today morning. I'll wait till Ina is around to see if I need Andrew to break some computers again. Cross your fingers for me and Hugo II, okay?


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