27 January 2011

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I saw the sun today. Yep, it still exists. Amazing. I probably havent' seen the sun since before Christmas or something like it. So it was really a nice change for once to wake up to actual sunlight and a blue sky. And it mostly stayed that way throughout the day. I didn't even care about the freezing temperatures, because it was sunny.

I also rearraganged my schedule a bit and will do my internship at my preferred school in may. Which means I get to live with Martin for a whole month again - yeah me (scared yet?). It's a huge load off my chest that I now have a place. It also propably works better with the amount of term papers I have to write during the break.

Otherwise, university has been really nice to me today for several reasons I won't bore you with. I couldn't ask for more, really, and I'm really happy that everything seems to fall into line. So yes, God did have a plan, I think ^^. Thanks, anyway.

I've also seen The Social Network, because I couldn't outright question the Oscar-worthiness of the movie if I hadn't seen it, could I? I gotta be honest, I still have issues with the topic alltogether. Rewarding a movie about facebook with Oscars makes me feel uneasy. But I did watch it, and although I think it's a decent enough movie, I still question its worthiness. Most of all I have trouble with Jesse Eisenberg's nomination. (And the music? What music I ask you!) However, I'd wholeheartedly support Andrew Garfield's nomination for best supporting actor (and why the heck didn't he get one? The universe works in mysterious ways, I tell you), because for me he was the emotional center of the movie, and I suffered right along with him. Give the man a green fluffy blanket (and an umbrella, if we're already at it), I say!

Another movie I've seen recently is The King's Speech, another Oscar contender. And while I still think Inception was the best mind-blowing movie of the last year, and if it doesn't get the Oscar for best original script I'm gonna cry for hours on end, The King's Speech is my favorite (from the whole of the four movies I've seen altogether from the Best Movie Nomination list, but if Toy Story 3 wins anything I will question some people's sanity -- this is not a kid's movie, nor is it really good). It was bloody brilliant. I've never been crazy about Colin Firth or Helena Bonham-Carter for that matter, but they deserve every win for this they get. The trailer alone moved me nearly to tears, and the movie itself hold every promise the trailer made. Go watch it!

And now I'm done for the day and will happily sing along with Queen and you better don't stop me.

PS: Phlip was made captain of Bayern München! How cool is that! He's a real grown-up now. XD


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