10 January 2011

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... to be hit by a car while riding a bicycle. And yes, I'm okay. Well, mostly. I now have a matching bruise on my left knee to the one on my right knee I got last weekend dragging my luggage through an overcrowded train, and my shoulder hurts a bit. I think I pulled a muscle there. Otherwise, I'm fine apart from the wobbly knees. I didn't even cry! I count this as a success. Ha, take that life. The guy who hit me was nice enough and felt awful for not having seen me (and I had the lights on! Totally not my fault!). I hope he still feels that way when I present him the bill for my bike. They have to replace the front wheel, adjust the breaks, and some other minor stuff.

Now I can trade bike-accident-survivor-stories with my mom. XD

Otherwise I had a pleasant enough day. Environmental ethics continues to grow on me. There are some interesting thoughts floating around in that subject. It's also something I think I can use later on for my classes. Genesis and how we treat Earth is a topic in Religion, after all. I also spent some hours talking to Isi, which was really nice. I feel out of touch with most of my friends lately, and I'm sick and tired of being the one who (in the most cases) always initiates the talking, so it was a nice change of pace to just sit down and talk about everything that comes to mind.


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